What Makes Dubai An Ideal and Permanent Living Destination

What Makes Dubai An Ideal and Permanent Living Destination

Dubai is a known business destination in the Middle East. With its tolerant business policies and strategic location, it provides an ideal and attractive investment climate for local and expatriate businesses alike.

Due to its steady growth, the population is projected to reach at 3.3 million by 2021. But the government of Dubai does not see this as a disadvantage. They see the influx of expatriates as a sign of growth and still looking forward to accepting more immigrants in the coming years.

More than the business opportunities and booming economy, this Emirate is slowly becoming a haven for immigrants who are looking for a fresh start in the Middle East. Not only the immigrants, local residents also find it attractive to invest on properties for personal and business use. In addition, these immigrants reap the benefits of living and getting a permanent residency in Dubai due to these reasons:

Opportunity to grow

The thriving economy of Dubai has opened the doors for residents and immigrants and provided millions of jobs to those who are looking to showcase their talents and skills. In fact, Dubai is known as the top destination for labor immigration. This Emirate attracts both low- and high-skilled workers, both local and foreign. Apart from multitudes of job openings, what makes Dubai an attractive labor destination is how it empowers its workforce.  Not only do the governing bodies ensure that companies comply with the industry-standards of providing fair compensation package, they also ensure the well-being of workers and give them proper venue to grow in their field of expertise.

Diverse culture and community

Dubai is a land of diversity and acceptance. Despite being a known Arabic city, its doors have been constantly open to diverse people from all walks of life. It has welcomed thousands of immigrants from different countries and provided them equal opportunity to thrive in this Emirate. Regardless of differences in culture and belief, natural-born citizens and immigrants have been living harmoniously for years. It is because of the mutual respect that is being promoted not only in Dubai but all through the UAE.

High quality living spaces

The Emirati government has invested heavily on promoting the well-being of its citizens, which is why they provide quality infrastructures and superior living spaces for the people. Dubai has established itself on the global landscape as a premier real estate hub and they form couple of organizations and institutions to monitor if the real estate developers are following the set international standards, not only in terms of the design but with the quality as well. This rule is strictly being implemented on real estate developments dealing with residential properties.

Security at its finest

Safety of its residence and tourists is also one thing that the Emirati government is taking seriously. The government is imposing strict discipline to its citizen to prevent conflict or any other crimes from being committed. Like in any other jurisdiction, certain punishments merit certain crimes. But it not about the fear of punishment why the people are following the rules. The citizens are encourage to follow to promote safety environment and to protect their loved ones as well.