Heart Conditions That a Cardiac Surgeon Treats

Heart Conditions That a Cardiac Surgeon Treats


Cardiovascular surgeons are specialized medical professionals who diagnose and treat various heart conditions. The most common of these conditions is a trial fibrillation. The condition causes the heart to beat too fast and too slow. A cardiac surgeon near me can correct the problem through various methods, such as surgery or medicines. If you are suffering from an arrhythmia, your doctor may recommend a pacemaker. However, you should consult your doctor about the procedure, as there is no known cure for arrhythmia.

Diagnose heart conditions:

A cardiologist may refer patients to a cardiac surgeon if they experience chest pain. However, the surgeon should be able to evaluate and diagnose the heart condition to determine the best course of action. If a cardiac problem is detected in time, a patient may require surgery to repair the problem. A surgical procedure is also needed for treating some other heart conditions. If you suffer from a congenital or inherited defect, a cardiologist may recommend specialized treatment.


There are also several heart conditions that cardiac surgeon treats. One of these is atresia. An aortic artery is a narrowing of the arteries. An aortic aneurysm is a congenital defect that prevents blood from flowing correctly through the heart. A heart valve is designed to keep the artery open. If it becomes narrowed, a cardiac surgeon can perform a procedure that will repair the valve.


Other heart conditions that a cardiac surgeon treats include an aneurysm. A cardiac surgeon will repair a weak section of the artery wall by replacing a damaged section with a healthy one. A patient may also require a mechanical heart valve to replace the diseased artery. These procedures are done on patients with end-stage heart failure or advanced heart problems. The surgery involves the replacement of a portion of the arteries with a new, healthy one.

Catheter procedure:

A cardiac surgeon can also perform a catheter procedure to help a patient with a heart condition. It is possible to have a stent implanted within the chest to increase the blood flow to the aorta. A stent will open a narrow artery to expand the replacement valve. In some cases, a catheter will also open a weakened artery. A stent is another device that is implanted by a cardiac surgeon. These are some major heart conditions that surgeons have to deal with effectively.