The Golden Destination That Is Dubai

For the past few years, the Middle East has been considered as one of the Meccas for development and thriving economy. Many foreign investors see the potential of this location, particularly with Dubai. More than a premier business center, Dubai is a haven for both locals and expats who want to have the best of both worlds – a place where they can prosper and a place where they can have the best quality of life.


Appealing business prospects

One of the reasons why Dubai and UAE are becoming the ideal destination is because of the booming economy brought by the business sector. This was made possible by opening the doors to foreign investors and making company formation and business setup a little bit relaxed for aspiring business owners and entrepreneur. In the span of three decades, Dubai has achieved a trade growth of an average 11% per year. The dramatic increase is due to several factors like tolerant business policies, its strategic location and capitalizing its resources like aluminum and oil. Today, Dubai is considered as one of the leading trading hubs in the Middle East.


World class hotels and properties

The buoyant economy of Dubai has brought a number of positive changes in other industries, like the real estate and the hospitality industries. With more investors coming in to take the risk, these two industries also leveled up their game, providing locals and foreign nationalities top notch properties that offer short term stay and long-term residency. With the city’s continuous expansion, it is projected that more properties will be constructed to cater the needs of the emerging market.


State-of-the-art infrastructures

Dubai is considered as a key export center in the Middle East and a major venue for a number of profitable industries and activities. To continue supporting its growth, the Emirates strengthen its logistics and infrastructures to attract more investments and visitors – from railways, seaports to airports. Today, Dubai is home to over 120 shipping lines and is linked to different destination via 85 airlines and charters. Apart from stable transportation network, the Emirate is also known for its solid telecommunications network that is servicing seven industrial areas, business centers and residential areas.


Diverse cultural lifestyle

Although Dubai is known for its unique Arabic culture and tradition, it is not closing its doors to other cultures. This made Dubai a premier immigration destination and home for expats and business owners.  Dubai’s warm welcoming people treat all nationalities with respect, one of the reasons why Dubai is becoming a leading tourist spot in the Middle East. The year 2017 has been a prosperous year for the Emirate’s tourism sector, bringing in approximately 15-16 million tourist in a year and the number is expected to increase in the following years, thanks to the hospitality and welcoming attitude of the people in Dubai.


High quality of life

The Emirate invested heavily on providing its citizens and residents an excellent quality of life they deserve. Apart from solid infrastructures and government service, the Dubai government also ensure that people living in the Emirate is provided with everything they need – from access to basic necessities to quality education.